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Barris Chronicles The Golden Sahara

              Barris Chronicles The Golden Sahara 
         was  a 1953 Lincoln.The car was crashed
         by  George,and the whole top half of the
         car ,and rear was removed.A complete top
         body would be made,along with a custom
         rear body  with  deep angled trunk and a
         set of double fins for each side of car.It
         was the creation of "The Golden Sahara,"
         for  a client,which any of us would loved, 
         to have, this famous dream rod on wheels.
        This is my ideal Batmobile of gold dream car.  
       "The Golden Sahara" had bubble top made
        by Carson Tops.The fender skirts were very
        pretty, and amazingly  beautiful to look at on
        the car,just by themselves.

             It had two cool  curved fins pointing  left
        and right on each  side.The Barris version 
        originally had bullets that were pointed,   
        coming out of each side of the grill in the   
        front.However,after it was taken Bob Metz,
        he decided that the pointed bullets,were too
        much, and went with a flat point.It worked,
        and people loved it.
             The car also had a super angled trunk,in
        which, was at a deep angle between the cool
        custom double fins.1.Left top picture shows
        the crashed Lincoln,and front,the finished
       "The Golden Sahara"2.The crashed Lincoln
        with more of how accident happened. 3.Right
        The whole top of car was removed,including
        the  whole trunk.The car had to totally to be
        redesigned,to be safe,and pleasing to the eye.
        3. Left top picture,look at one double fins.Also
        notice the deep angled trunk.4.A lady in gold
        modeling  with The Golden Sahara.5.A major
        show shows off The Golden Sahara.6.rare old
        picture in black in white of The Golden Sahara.
       The V shaped grill,and the angled lights,with in
        front, really make this dream car stand out. Along
       with those way out double fins,and super wide,
       deep angle trunk.
           Great for your your favorite retreat,and
        vacations ladies.Just think,how many shoes,
        formals,tennis skirts,tops,tennis shoes,and
       hats,vests,slacks,jeans,capris,leather,vinyl numbers,
       along, with your air mattresses,and beach balls,
       swim suits, and inner tubes would fit in this trunk.
           By the way ladies if you have the money,this car
       could be recreated,but it will cost over $250,000
       to have it built.Think of such a beautiful dream
       rod,that is not only dazzling to look,but think all
       that beautiful room to put your things,in this breath-
       taking car.If it was not for accident,this 1953 Lincoln
      would have never been turn into this golden dream rod
     "The  Golden Sahara." 
          You can see this car in the Jerry Lewis movie,called
     "Cinderfella" as  the Coach for his character.


Barris Chronicles Sam And George

        The Barris Chronicles Sam And George
         When Sam Barris got out the service in
      the late 1940s,he went to help George in   
      Los Angeles.He helped George buy his
      first body shop building.
         Sam Barris was responsible for his fine
      craftsmanship of chopping tops with 
      perfection. This caused many famous
      custom lead sleds to be built.   
         The first Sam Barris Kustom was a 
      1940 Mercury with a Carson top that
       you can remove.It had wide fender
       skirts in the rear.Sam was one the 
       first to chop tops.This hidden talent
       caused George Barris,to get many
       contracts,to build customs.His brother
       Sam Barris was responsible,for George's
       biggest success,in the fifties.
         Sam Barris bought a 1949 Mercury
       brand new,and improved the lines of the
       bathtub styled car,by chopping it's top.
       This was a Fade Away 1949 Mecury
       with  a dark rich green paint job,and
       wide whites tires and hubcaps.It was so
         Many other Sam Barris Kustom lead
       sleds were made.This included: a 1951
       Chevy  Hardtop for Ohio Priest,the
        famous  Hirohata Mercury,built in 1952
        for Bob Hirohata ,who racked from
        1952-1955,184 tropheys for his car.
        Then in 1955 it was used in a famous
        movie:"RunninWild"with  the lovely
        movie star Mammie Van Doren.
          This time Bob Hirohata did most of
        of the work on his famous Aztec custom
        lead sled  1955 Chevy Convertible.It
        included on this Barris Kustom,which
        Bob Hirohata worked for George,a 1953
        Studebaker grill,1957 Desoto bumper and
        grill,also wild looking angled fenders,and
        custom taillights to go in those wild fenders.
        The front had some cool Mercury Turnpike
        quad headlights.This also had a new custom
        scoop,and a Carson top.Even the bronze
        like color,the custom interior,including the       
        top set this custom away from others.    
          More of  Sam Barris customs,were his
        1950 Buick,and a 1949 Mercury Custom.
          There were more major customs,the 
         famous truck called The Kopper Kart,
         in which two were made,one for Sam,
         the other for George.      
          Tragedy happened to Sam's custom
         Kopper Kart,when Sam Barris truck
         fell off the trailer while transporting it.
         It was crashed,and it was never tried
         to be restored.So in 1960 George
         sold his Kopper Kart,which included
         a television set,and much custom
         upholstery to people who build lowriders.
         This was a bad mistake.They ruined the
         custom Kopper Kart,by cutting it up. 
          Another famous custom is my favorite.

           The Golden Sahara 1953 Lincoln lead sled. 
        This was a wrecked 1953 Lincoln,which was
        made into the The Golden Sahara,for client. 
        The whole top section,includind back half was             
        removed, their craftsmanship,went to work. 
        It had a custom Carson bubble top,dazzling
        long fender skirts,two angled custom fins for
        both left and right,a  custom spare tire cover  
        angled Continental kit,custom hubcaps,wide
       whites tires,custom grill,blunt bullets,in both 
       sides in front.The actually,had redesign the car,
           The car originally had pointed bullets in 
        front,but Bob Metz,realized,that it was
        too much,and the blunt bullets looked
        better.He was right,the crowds loved
        it at the car shows.It was a big hit.
           There was a Golden Sahara II,but a man
        Mad Dog wrecked the car going too fast.
        It looked similar,to the original,but it was
        built a little different,but still pretty.
          George Barris had a idea,for a custom
         truck.He was at a diner,took out a
         a napkin,and drew a custom truck, 
        1929 Model A truck,but with the
        back of Model T Bucket,grafted in.
        It had a custom nose,canted headlights, a
        oval opening in the nose looked like Indy
        front.It had a chrome grill with holes,to
        put the gold plastic Ts in the grill.There 
        gold plastic Ts in the grill.There was a
        indent,with a chrome spear for the hood.
        It had four air bags suspension,a Hemi
        engine,with canted injector tubes under
        hood.It alsohad short chrome headers,
        that hooked to the chrome exhaust tubes
        perfectly over the rear torque tube chrome
        axle.It looked amazing,four chrome pipes   
        all coming together,like a beautiful  symphony.   
        There were ribbed dummy dual side pipes on
        both sides of the truck.It had a custom truck   
        bed to hold the moon like chrome gas tank.
        It also had a three prong chrome gas cap.
        Then there were the custom bullet taillights,
        and rear  custom grill.The top was custom.
        Also the interior bench seat was custom
        of silver and black.The black pleats,in the
        seat,were very beautifully done.Even the 
        bullet center of the steering wheel,worked
        magic,with those chrome gauges in the dash
        board.Now top it off with fine chrome
        reversed wheels and spider caps.Then it had
        wide whites tires,and tall thin white wall slicks.
        The color was Swedish Pearl White,with
        purple and gold scallops.The rear tail gate
        was painted gold.There was chrome racks,
        and a bed cover,for the pick up box.
          Then tragedy happened in 1957.George
        remembers the fire department calling him 
        saying his shop is on fire.George Barris
        thought he was joking with him.However,
        lightning hit his shop,and it caught fire.
        One the custom cars was a magnesium
        Jaguar.Magnesium is hard to burn,but
        but once it starts,you can not stop it.The
        result,is only a handful of vehicles,were
        saved.The Ali Kart,was in a different
        building,but there was fire damaged.George
        had no choice,but to send it to the Alexander
        Brothers to restore it.They restored the car,in
        time for the Grand National in Oakland.The
        result Sam and George Barris won the biggest
        award."The Most Beautiful Roadster" in  1958
        and also in 1959."The Golden Sahara"was
        made from a wrecked 1953 Lincoln.The whole
        top half of the car was removed.Then a full top
        would have to be designed,to weld,the buttom
        part of the body.A new front would be cut out,
        as well as the rear.The result,a dream rod that
        cost $25.000.Today this car would cost over
        $250,000 to build,unless you are a body man,
        and can build your own. 
            There was also a special truck painted gold,
        with graphics,to transport it.       

Sam Barris   beautiful green 1949 Mercury.  
Below in the third photo,is the destroyed Magnesium Jaguar.The fire was caused by lightning hitting the shop.When magnesium burns it is hard to put out the fire.       



Sam Barris   Red Buick by that old airplane
Sam Barris 1940  Blue Mercury with Carson top.

George Barris with Sam Barris on this custom
1946 Caddy.

This is Sam's 1939 Ford.

The Famous Ala Kart which George Barris designed while at a diner,on a napkin.A 1929 Model A truck with a Model T Bucket grafted to the body.The custom nose looks like a Indy nose.It has canted headlights,a chrome holed grilled to hold the gold plastic Ts.It has four air bag suspension,a Hemi canted injected engine,nerf bars,short chrome headers that hook into long  chrome tubes,that curve over the chrome torque tube rear end,and come together as four in the back of the truck.It also has black pleated seat inserts,while the seats are pearl white.It has a cool bullet steering wheel,chrome gauges,Swedish Pearl White,purple and gold scallops,gold tail gate,chrom racks,wide whites,wide white wall tall thin  pie crust slicks,spyder caps,ribbed dual chrome dummy side pipes,chrome spear in indent in hood. It won Most Beautiful Roadster in 1958 and 1959 in Oakland.                                                  
Below are two pictures of the famous Kopper Kart 1956 Chevy truck.Originally,there were two trucks,that for both Sam and George,but Sam's fell off the trailer,and crashed.Then George sold his in 1960 to lowrider builders,and they cut it up and ruined it.
Kopper Kart with a television in the truck bed.Next Sam Barris 1955 Chevy.

The Hirohata Mercury  first in color in mint.Next the dashboard.Third a model in the trunk in a swimsuit.Fouth Bob Hirohata who work for Barris Kustoms.Fifth Hirohata Mercury pulling a boat.Sixth the same car with other lead sleds.Seventh the Hirohata Mercury from the rear.Then Aztec built mostly by Bob Hirahata from the rear.

      Barris Chronicles Sam And George

King Of Kustomizers George Barris Thanks For The Memories

                          King Of Kustoms George Barris
                             Thanks For  The Memories
       While everyone is happy you are on off your famous           number one #1 Batmobile worth  over$4,200,000,I am
       It is just like a diesel mechanic after fifty years,who
   has to sell his tools,who is retired,and elderly with
   poor heath.All his memories of helping,keeping semis
   on the road,to make  sure goods get to businesses in
   record time.This is the consumer will continue
   shopping,so the stores stay in business,and the
   companies do not fold.
      George Barris you should be proud of all your                    accomplishments.This includes your late beloved
   brother Sam Barris,who was one of the pioneers in
   chopping tops.
      Everything he built,was a piece of art.He might
   have been a quiet family man,but his work showed
   in his craftsmanship.He and his wife did a good job
   raising John Barris.
      Infact Sam Barris taught John how to chop a top,
   and all his gift of auto body work.
      It was sad in 1967 that Sam Barris died.It hurt
   you very much.
      In 1958 and 1959 your Ala Kart won the famous
   The Grand National for The Most Beautiful
   Roadster ,which King Of Pin Stripers,young
   Dean Jeffries pin striped for you..A man who was
   so talented then,Indy had him paint many of  the
   Indy cars,including,the four time Indy champion 
   A. J. Foyt.Also,the Alexander Brothers,came to your
   aid,when the Ali Kart had to be restored,after,a
   brush with fire,in 1957.The car has a variety of 
   custom goodies.Hemi injected engine,airbags all 
   four corners,chrome reversed wheels,wide whites,
   and pie crust white walls slicks.Swedish Pearl White
   paint,with purple and gold scallops.there are short
   headers,to hook into the four chrome pipes out back,
   two sets of double dummy side pipes by each step
   boards by the doors.The custom Model A body was 
   designed by George Barris,on a paper napkin,while
   dining.The back part of the body was a Model T
   Bucket back,that was grafted to a 1929 Model A.
   The custom nose,looks like a old Indy type nose.
   It has canted headlights,with gold headlight rings.
   The nose has a chrome  oval triangle grill,with 
   many holes,to hold all those gold plastic T's,
   inserted into it.The top of the hood was a chrome
   spear,for the indent,in the the hood.There are also
   purple scallops,to highlight this area.The seats
   are custom made,with originally,black in the
   pleats,to match the ones on the custom top.The
   truck bed,is custom made,with chrome high
   lighted gold paint inside.There are chrome hand
   rails on each side,truck cover, a custom Moon
   Equipt gas tank,with three pronged gas cap.
   There are also those cool bullet taillights in the
   bed.The tailbed lid is painted gold.This has bullet
   type steering wheel.This by far one the best 
   customs to reach the car shows.

    Two Time Most Beautiful Roadster 1958,1959
   at  the  Grand National in Oakland.


                                       Shirley "Blue Eyes" Barris       
                       1958 Ultra Bird.   
      Your beautiful wife Shirley Barris,who you met
    in Vegas,that you called"Blue Eyes,"who made
    your life wonderful,showed how much she loved
    you,when your shop went up in flames,promised
    she would helped you to rebuild.There were a
    handful of cars left,but your beautiful  loyal wife,
    would not let you give up your dream.You moved
    your shop to West Hollywood,and movie and 
    television contracts kept pouring in,like gang-
    busters.In 1958 you bought your wife a new 
    Thunderbird,and then you customized her car.
    You painted it Candy Apple Red,but you added 
    Pearl White in the paint job,with other colors,
    graphics on top.She loved it,and so did we,who
    seen it at the car shows.She was so happy,and so
    were you.
      She gave you a daughter,and a son,and your
    family was so happy.You thought your love for her
    would never end.It hurt you deeply,when she 
    passed away in 2001.You turned your business
    over to your daughter Joji, and Brett Barris,who
    would take over the marketing for you.You retired,
    your son, and daughter,gave you the love you need-
    ed to help you through the loss of your beautiful
    "Blue Eyes" Shirley Barris.Your nephew John,and
    your other living family aunts,uncles,cousins,also
    helped you.
      You also took trips all over the world,and seen
    Barris Kustoms,leadsleds,and other cool customs,
    and people who help through the void in your life.
    You had pictures with these petty girls,around the
    cars,to give some happiness too.You had reality
    programs,where a team,were to make a custom like
    yours.One example was the famous Villa Riveria,
    where men and woman had to build a car just like it.
    You gave the rights back to  Greenway Productions,
    so everyone could bur a diecast Batmobile or build a
    model kit.Seven years later The orignal Batmobile
    would be auctioned off for $4,200,000 You needed
    this money to stay afloat,with no cars being built  
    You had the number #2 Monkeemobile altered
    restored in 2006.Then in 2007,you market the car
    for a year.Then 2007 you were given a honor,that had
    a sign renamed Barris Place.You had a artist start
    painting famous custom cars,you once owned,along
    those you did at that time.Then 2010 you had the 
   original number #1Batmobile restored.Next in 2011 
   you had the Munster Koached #2 restored. to look
   as closely as the original Munster Koach,with
   cheater slicks,pearl black paint job.Then there was
   the reupholstery for the interior,the yellow curtains,
   and finishing touches,to the car ready for the street,
   show, and film. 
     To show how much I care,for all your years making 
   our lives happy,with those famous kustoms,a regular
   colomn,called:Barris Chroncles is being written.
   Infact,two segments,are already written on this site.                 
   There is one on Barris Chronicles on Sam And George
   and the other Barris Chronicles on "The Golden Sahara."         
   It will discuss on custom cars,both Barris Kustoms,and 
   other famous Kustom Kars,that others built,but you
   owned.Dean Jeffries,Gene Winfield,Darryl Starbird,
   Bill Cushenbery,Joe Bailon,Tommy The Greek,and

others.You do
make going to
car shows fun
all these years.
You gave them
life for all those
years.Since the
1940's when you
promoted them.
Thank you from
the bottom of my

There were two Kopper Karts,one for Sam and the other for George.After a trailer accident that ruined Sam's Kopper Kart,George sold his in 1960. 

1.Above " Kopper Kart."2.Bob Hope's Golf cart
 Barris   Kustoms  King Of Kustomizers George Barris Thanks For The Memories


Sam Barris with
'49 Ford

    The Batmobile was made from a experimental Lincoln Futura,
  Ford destroyed the original Lincoln Futura,and made another.
 Then why is the stunt Batmobile #5,also steel,like the #1 car?

#1 Batmobile sold for
$4,200,000 auctioned
 at Barret-Jackson on
Saturday,January 19,2013.
Lot # 5073 is this car.It has
been with George since 1965.
The car was built a year or two
before Batman was started.It is
now own by Rick Champagne
in Arizona.His Buddy and Rick
did coin toss as to would buy it.

This is Shirley Barris Kustom 1958
 Thunderbird.It was a big hit at car 
shows and hot rod magazines.
George Barris Candy Apple Red 
Paint included Pearl White,which 
Shirley Barris 1958 Thunderbird  
was painted,with other color 
highlights.It included a mesh grill,
plastic gold tabs,and more.Used
in "Time Machine" in 1960.

1.Barris Kustoms and Shortz Caddy top.
2.Sam Barris Fade Away Green Mercury.
3.Sam Barris'40 Mercury in blue.4.Sam Barris
'55 Chevy convertible.5.Another view the same car..
6.Sam Barris '50 Red Buick.7.Taillights '50 Buick.
tailights from a Pontiac Station Wagon.8.Lincoln.
chrome spear trim reversed.from the same '50 Buick.
9.Buick's upholstery.10.Rear '50 Buick.11.Kopper
Kart made both for Sam and George Barris.Sam's
fell off,while on a trailer.In 1960 George sold it.The car
was cut up.A clone exists today.12.Bob Hope's Golf Cart.
13.small photo of smashed '53 Lincoln,redesigned Barris
Kustom for a client,called,"The Golden Sahara"13. Sam
Barris,what looks like a '50 Ford.14.#1Batmobile to be
auctioned Saturday,January 19,2013 Lot#5073 at Barrett-
Jackson.15.Shirley Barris '58 T'bird Kustomized for his loyal
beautiful wife,known as "Blue Eyes."was the Ultra Bird.

      George Barris had cars made for famous  stars,and
   musical entertainers,Elvis Presley,Marilyn Monroe,
   Sonny and Cher,Sammy Davis,John Wayne,and so many
   many more.From wild,to mild,were created,and built here.
      George Barris had contract to build two "Chitty Chitty
   Bang Bang" cars.One had a engine,and the other did not,for
   the professor scene in the movie. 
      George Barris was also a professional photographer,in
    which he actually,photographed Marilyn Monroe.
      Really, George Barris could be called a movie star,since
    he was in a movie called:"Winner" which was about a hot rod
    mechanic,filmed in the sixties.The famous Calico Surfer,was in
    this movie.George Barris was also in a seventies van movie. 
       George Barris,did not just have The Ali Kart,as the only
    Grand National Winner.Next was the famous Emperor.It
    was a 1929 Model A with full custom nose,scallops,canted,
    teeth grill,custom rear body,with steel wheels,pie crust slicks
    in rear and hubcaps.It was one cool rod.It deserved to win
    The Grand National.This followed up by a assymetrical car.
    This car was the XR-6.The Barris Brothers,Sam and George
     did not know how to weld aluminum. Gene Winfield,learned
     from a professional body man,and customizer.Winfield took
     on the challenge after he was taught to weld the aluminum
     body.Mean while, Tony Nancy would stich the interior for
     the XR-6. Barris Kustom would build engines,frame and
     suspension.A slant six from a Valiant with Offenser chrome
     valve cover in chrome,cool pipes,with three Webber Carbs.
     The car,This XR-6 was like one side 1927 Model T,the 
      other side,was different.It had special thin mags,and thin
      white wall tires.There were even a hood scoop.This car won 
      the third Grand National For The Most Beautiful Roadster
      in the early sixties.The next pretty custom,to get this great
      award,is The Twister T.It was a 1927 Model T that started,as a
      wreck,from a producer,driving on a back movie lot.George Barris,
      wheels  were turning in his head,to come up with a different type of
      Kustom.In fact,this car could have been built in the fifties.He chose
      Buick Skylark wire wheels,off a 1956 model,and it had pie crust 
      slicks.He tried out his custom head rests,that hook from the back
      of the seat,for comfort and fashion.Again was another fuel injected
      Hemi under his hood.There were double lights,on each side.The car
      interior was white and this greenish blue color,It was amazing,and 
      was final time George Barris won the Famous Grand National for
      The Most Beautiful Roadster..That was five times George Barris
      won this award.
         Both  the former Ali Kart,and Twister T,showed up in movies.
      George Barris,also being King Of Promotions, made much money, 
       promoting,these former Grand National winners.He did it with many
       other show cars.Check out Jerry Lewis: "Cinderfella." The car
       chosen  for fairy god mother,to make into a coach,was the famous
       "The Golden Sahara."This is George Barris oldest ploy,used a former
       show car,or movie car,in a new movie.His idea is he makes a killing,at
       the same time, he gives Hollywood,the car with sex appeal,that,causes,
       many promotional items produced to satisfy everyone.This even means
       George  Barris has extra to sell at car shows,mail,or the internet.

Grand National 1929 Model A.Most
Beautiful Award Winner.The second car
to win for George Barris.Emperor





The Famous XR-6 Most Beautiful Roadster
Grand National Winnner.With help from Winfield
the body,and Nancy upholstery,rest Barris Kustoms.
Third time Grand National Winner.

Twister T helped
Barris Kustoms win
 it the fifth and final
 time The Most Beautiful 

This is Shirley Barris 1958 T'bird that
wowed the public,and won many awards.

This is the second car to win to Most Beautiful
Roadster Award called The Emperor for Barris.

This is the famous Calico Surfer in "The Winner" movie.